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Marcello, named after the leading actor Marcello Mastroianni of Federico Fellini’s cult film La Dolce Vita, offers its guests authentic Italian recipes with specially produced with cheeses under the leadership of Neapolitan Executive Chef Luigi Mariconda and Genoese Focaccia Chef Massimiliano Nardo.

The 1950s were the first years of renewal and development in Italy after the country reached post war prosperity. It was also a period where 55% of Italian spending went towards food and drink, highlighting the importance of enjoying oneself during this joyous period. Inspired by this era of joy where enjoyment was at the forefront, Marcello brings together special recipes, pleasant aperitivos, a fun atmosphere, cheerful people, good music, olive and lemon trees representing the Mediterranean flora to create a place in Nisantasi that makes guests forget they are in the middle of concrete buildings and taste la dolce vita, meaning the sweet life.

Italy’s demographic structure differs from north to south in many aspects such as cuisine, lifestyle, and even clothing. Marcello is not a specific regional restaurant, but rather brings together the best flavors from all of Italy. The open kitchen creates an intimate atmosphere where you can watch all the stages of pizza preparation to their placement in the oven. On the other hand, the homemade Limoncello based on an old family recipe, is a pleasant digestive after the meal.

However, the standout dish on the menu that remains faithful to the original is Focaccia tipo Recco. Focaccia tipo Recco is admittedly not like the pillowy bread you associate with the name “focaccia”. This flavor is completely different in the traditional sense of the word, unleavened, and is not that close to focaccia. Focaccia tipo Recco, is two thin layers of dough encasing a specially produced melted cheese filling that inevitably drips down the chin. In 1997, food writer Fred Plotkin called it “the most addictive food on the planet.” Marcello, located on the top floor of The Stay Boulevard Nisantasi, invites you to experience Italian chefs’ special recipes while enjoying breathtaking views of Istanbul.


Harbiye, Teşvikiye Cad. No:41
K:8, 34367 Şişli / İstanbul
0212 970 8778

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